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Luxury Wedding Photography by Kamelia

Hey there, I’m Kamelia, and I’m all about capturing the real magic of weddings with my luxury bespoke wedding photography experience.

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Your personal cheerleader capturing unforgettable fairy tales

I’m not just a photographer; rather, I’m your personal cheerleader, here to turn your big day into an unforgettable fairy tale. I bring more than just a camera— in fact, I bring vibes that’ll make your heart sing and your cheeks ache from smiling.

Based in Surrey, serving London and beyond

Experience luxury bespoke wedding photography with Kamelia, a London photographer based in Surrey. Let us immortalize your love story with elegance. Explore our services.

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Bride and Groom exchanging wedding rings.
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Capturing the essence of your love story

Photography, to me, is akin to storytelling through images. It’s about immortalizing those fleeting moments that make your love story uniquely yours. Your wedding isn’t just a single day; it marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey, and I’m committed to ensuring that every moment is treasured. From the tender glances to the contagious laughter, count on me to capture it all.

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Travel-ready for your love story

And guess what? I’m not tied down to one place—I’ll travel anywhere and everywhere to capture your love story. I’ll traverse any distance to document your love story. Whether it’s in your hometown or halfway around the world, I’ll be there, camera in hand, ready to transform your love into timeless art.

Relive your cherished memories

Let’s embark on this journey together. Entrust me to encapsulate your love in its purest form, so you can relive those invaluable memories time and time again.
Ultimately, it’s not merely about the photographs—it’s about the emotions—the happiness, the affection, and the assurance of eternity. And with Kamelia Photography, these emotions are what you’ll hold dear forever.

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If you’re ready to turn your wedding dreams into reality, let’s chat! Drop me a line, and let’s start creating some magic together. Your perfect wedding photos are just a click away!

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